eclectic living, mindful design

Hand-crafted design is our passion! Our offerings include preserved floral arrangements, vintage & antique objects of interest, accessories from independent designers, natural textiles clothing design from Europe & crafted gifts. Our goal is to present cherished gifts and treasured design elements for your home or office.




 Grasmere in its new location @ 6 Franklin Street in Bristol, RI:


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9 thoughts on “eclectic living, mindful design

  1. I received the most beautiful mama bead necklace Christmas gift from your store from my sister in law, who is a frequent customer. The necklace broke and the beads sprayed across my floor. I managed to find every bead except one. I love this necklace and would like to have it repaired rather than replaced as it has spiritual significance.
    Can i send it to you?
    Or do I have to wait until March when you re-open?

    Thank you,
    Susan Patton Schwarz

  2. Hello…I am interested in the mirror you have for sale for $750. I you are facing the front door from your cash register it is on the left wall. I was wondering if you could come down on your price to $700.
    Please let me know. Thank you so much.

    • Hello, Kerry
      If you can write a check or pay with cash – and we forego thus our credit card charges – we will be able to do $700 (taxes included) for the mirror. Please let us know when you come in so we can prepare for it. Thank you! Be well, Peter & Beth 401-247-2789

  3. Hello, Kerry Beth and I just returned from a buying trip and noticed that you had not picked up your mirror. Could please let me know if you still want it? We will keep it on hold for you until tomorrow. You can also call Maria (manager) at the store to reserve it for an extended period and pay with check later. Thank you. Be well, Peter Gresch 401-247-2789

    • Hello and good morning, Rose
      Yes, we do. We received a package on the week-end and have a good stock of it as of now. We will send you a photo around 11am. You can also see it in person as of 10am. Our store manager, Maria, will be there already. 6 Franklin Street in Bristol. Be well, Beth Gresch

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