eclectic living, mindful design

Hand-crafted design is our passion! Our offerings include preserved floral arrangements, vintage & antique objects of interest, accessories from independent designers, natural textiles clothing design from Europe & crafted gifts. Our goal is to present cherished gifts and treasured design elements for your home or office.




 Grasmere in its new location @ 6 Franklin Street in Bristol, RI:


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One thought on “eclectic living, mindful design

  1. I received the most beautiful mama bead necklace Christmas gift from your store from my sister in law, who is a frequent customer. The necklace broke and the beads sprayed across my floor. I managed to find every bead except one. I love this necklace and would like to have it repaired rather than replaced as it has spiritual significance.
    Can i send it to you?
    Or do I have to wait until March when you re-open?

    Thank you,
    Susan Patton Schwarz

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